Sprint 3G4GLTE Coverage & Performance

Sprint 3G4GLTE

About Sprint Wireless and Internet

Sprint offers one of the largest wireless and Internet coverage areas in the United States. Many smaller, prepaid and no-contract companies piggyback on the Sprint coverage when offering data plans to customers. Sprint offers customers prepaid plans, contract plans and personal hot spots to take Internet connectivity anywhere Sprint coverage is found. The official website for Sprint 3G4GLTE is available at Sprint[+].

Data Services from Sprint

Sprint 3G4GLTE coverage is available as 3G, 4G LTE and 4G WiMax. Enter any physical address into the Sprint coverage finder to learn more about the data coverage available near you.  Coverage availability[+] is also available when you shop for a data plan for your cellular phone or mobile hotspot. Scroll to the bottom of the data plan description for a small connectivity map.

  • 3G: 3G coverage is available throughout most of the United States on the Sprint network. Sprint calls the coverage 3G and more.
  • 4G: 4G coverage, also referred to as WiMax, is available in major cities throughout the United States. The coverage map located on the website is extremely confusing, but it does give visitors a general idea of the 4G coverage they can expect.
  • LTE: The Sprint LTE coverage area is stronger than the Sprint 4G network. LTE is also referred to as 4G LTE.
  • WiMax: Sprint WiMax is another name for 4G coverage. Some mobile hotspots require Sprint 4G WiMax. If coverage is not available in your area you will not be able to connect to the Internet.
  • MiFi: MiFi devices from Sprint connect via 3G, 4G and 4G LTE. There are multiple devices available from Sprint – some are available at no cost; all require a two-year service agreement and a monthly data plan. Data plans are priced based on the amount of data allowed per month. As of 2013, Sprint customers could choose a basic plan that includes 3GB of data for about $35 a month.

Special Considerations for 3G4GLTE Coverage with Sprint

Sprint coverage maps provide only an estimate of the coverage areas where Sprint 3G4GLTE coverage is available. Just because a particular area is shaded on the map doesn’t mean coverage is available. Sprint admits to gaps in coverage, dead areas and other issues that could decrease or eliminate coverage in certain areas. Read more about special considerations for Sprint 3G4GLTE[+] coverage on their website.

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