U.S. Cellular 3G4GLTE Coverage & Performance

About U.S. Cellular Wireless and Internet

U.S. Cellular[+] is a leading cell phone coverage provider, offering both contract and prepaid phone services to people who live in certain areas. Though you can only establish service in a number of states, coverage is available nationwide. In addition to their mobile phone services, they offer home phone with VoIP.

Data Services Available from U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular offers: voice, 2G data, 3G, and 4G LTE coverage[+].

  • 3G Map:3G coverage is available throughout the country, with a few dead spots in less densely populated areas. You can get service from coast-to-coast at 3G speeds, though there will be some areas where coverage is not available.
  • 4G Map: U.S. Cellular appears to only offer 4G LTE coverage, available in limited areas throughout the country.
  • LTE Map: As of November 2013, little 4G LTE coverage is offered from U.S. Cellular. 4G LTE coverage is provided by a U.S. Cellular partner, King Street Wireless. It appears to be available in parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Maine, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Washington state, California, and Oregon. Other areas will be stuck using 3G. In order to use the available 4G LTE coverage available in your area, you must have a 4G LTE capable phone.
  • Wi-Fi:U.S. Cellular does not provide their own hotspots for customers, but anyone who has a WiFi capable phone can connect to any WiFi network they have access to. Doing this enables you to connect to the Internet with your phone without using your mobile data.

Special Considerations for 3G4GLTE Coverage with U.S. Cellular

The U.S. Cellular coverage map is just a representation of where coverage should be. Just because you see coverage in your area of the map doesn’t mean it will actually be available. Many factors determine where and when coverage is available, such as: the device you’re using, your exact location when you use the device, and how much traffic the network is experiencing.

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